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While Douglas fir is the predominant species on our property we also grow Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, Noble fir, Grand fir and an occasional Pacific Yew. Among the hardwoods found are also Alder and Maple. We practice rotational farming. Once a timber crop is planted it is thinned multiple times before the final harvest usually 50-60 years later. We almost always “thin from below” meaning that the worst trees are culled leaving the most desirable to grow. Our final harvest is then one of quality trees that are clear cut making way for a new crop and another generation of tree farmers. These clear cuts are generally of small acreage thus allowing us to take a little each year and rotate our harvests over the entire farm. Although we sometimes produce high quality logs that we sell for export, or logs specifically grown to make telephone poles, most of our production is sold to local mills for use in the making of lumber. We feel our logging practices are highly supportive of local wildlife.